WEEK THREE!! post ACL Surgery

Ok… here we go… week three. Over the past two weeks I did a great job babying my knee. No weight for two weeks kept the swelling down to a minimum. I Managed to get around pretty good on crutches over the past few weeks…. but now it was time to say goodbye to the helpful sticks under my arms. I hit up thereapy at the great Howard Head physical therapy center at the beginning of week three. My two therapists Kristen and Barb, basically slapped me upside the head and asked me why I was still using cruthes with NO weight on my bum leg. Hmmmmph…. Apparently I was allowed to put 50% of weight on “Rolley” (Rolley is my knee, I named it). Did not know that I had the OK to put weight on my knee around mid way through the 2nd week. So skip the 50% weight bearing stage and let’s just jump into 100% weight on Rolley, and heck why don’t you try walking. Kind of scary…. but after the muslces remembered their role I was limping around the PT clinic.
My instructions for the next few days where to use one crutch opposite of the bum leg and work on full extension while I step out. Tough task ahead me I came to realize quite quickly as my kinked leg liked it current position.
The goals for week 3-
1. To obtain 0 degrees while sitting on the floor. (basically to have full leg extension completly straight while at a resting sitting position on the floor.
2. To get my range of motion to approx 120 degrees.
3. Reduce the swelling.
4. Walking without a limp.
The problem- Very quickly I became mobile with 1 crutch and 3 days into week three no crutches…..but with the mobililty I gained, also brought a ton of swelling. Huge problem. With the swelling I was unable to progress with my range of motion and full leg extension. I actually degressed within just a few days of being 100% on my leg. Kind of bummed me to be honest. Quickly I tackled the swelling, tons of ice and basically stayed off it for two straight days. Tons of PT, ICE and Rest put me right on schedule as far as my progress goes. (Oh, I also did a ton of massaging to my own knee cap to break up the scar tissue, very helpful)
Happy to be where I am at right now but I did learn the hard way from my AMAZING therapist, Kristen, who quickly put in my place once I lost control of my swelling and my range of motion degressed. I will be sure to stay on top of it this week and hopefully the weeks to come.

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