ACL Surgery- Week 4 Rehab!

So it has been four weeks since I was wheeled out of surgery in Vail at the Steadmans Clinic. The past week was a rough week for the knee. I had a wedding in Boston which meant that I had to fly. Ahhh, airplanes and surgical repaired knees are not a good match. I am sooo greatful for my awesome therapist Kristen, who demanded me to make sure I was to call the airline prior to my flight and get myself a wheel chair and a seat on the plane with extra leg room. The wheel chair, yaaa, kind of lame I know being wheeled through the airport… but extremely helpful.
Besides the flights, just getting off my normal 3 times a day of rehab was hard to keep up on my progress.

After 5 days away at this wedding it was time to get back to rehab at home. I actually did not degress in my rehab but not much improvement was charted either. Time to hit it hard in week 5!!!

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