WEEK TWO-After ACL Surgery

The second week after ACL surgery was basically all about Physical Therapy. A typical day consists of: Morning PT for about 45 minutes, which consisted of massaging my knee cap (which breaks up scar tissue), quad raises, the dreaded wall slides (working on extension and range of motion) and finally some light squats. After I finish my exercises, ICE!! Then I usually wait 30 mins and ICE again. I have come to the conclusion that ICE and elevation are extremely essential to my recovery. I notice a huge difference with my swelling level when I skip an ice session. I repeat these steps approx 3 to 4 times a day. When it’s time to hop in bed….I hook up the CPM machine (Continuous Passive Movement) and rock it through the night. The CPM machine, a component that you strap your whole leg in… and it moves your leg from a straight position to a bent position. Back and forth, and back and forth. There are different speed and flex settings that you can adjust the machine too. Not my favorite part of the day.
Towards the end of the week I had a visit my therapist. NOT GOOD! My therapist took one look at my knee/leg and I knew I was in trouble. Yup!! She whooped me into shape pretty quickly. Apparently I was not pushing it hard enough in my PT at home. My range of motion was only about 90 degrees where it should be 110 degrees by the second week. Also I was not able to extend my leg into a straight position (0 degrees). I was not happy. Especially since I have been doing PT 3-4 times a day!! What the…Two main reasons why I was not at 110 degrees and not able to have a straight leg: I was not pushing through the pain in my personal PT, and second, I become much more mobile the second week and was on my feet which resulted in swelling in the knee. I walked out of PT and was pissed. I took the next two days off from being on my feet and basically PTed around the clock. No worries….125 degrees in 36 hours. Back on track and hopped on a bike today.
Words of advice- You will not hurt yourself, PUSH yourself in the PT!! And ice, ice and ice!!

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