US Nationals Wrap up!

Well the US Nationals is over. It was a great week on the East, skiing it up in some warm weather. To sum up the week and the competition..I’m happy. Most importantly once again my knee is still in tact. Although my knee feels great and I am able to compete, it feels “great” in the sense for coming off surgery. But to be honest there is still time that needs to be had before this badboy is completely a 100%. All and all, I am thrilled in the fact that I competed, and that I competed at a high level.

The last day of Nationals was another great day…I don’t think I have been that nervous in a long time. But in my mind, nerves are fine. It is expected. Just to be back in that competitive environment was a great feeling.
After 2 runs on Sunday, I finished the last race with a 4th place result. Like I said, I’m Happy.

Nationals came to end with my results being pretty consistent. A 4th, 4th, 5th, and a 3rd!! The competition was tough with a bunch of guys swapping spots on the podium. Good to see that the US National Team is fighting for spots on the podium. I walked away from this week feeling quite accomplished..but also pumped with the fact that I am at where I am at. Next year is a whole new year, and by then I will be a 100% with the chance to get some good pre-season training in. Boooyaaa.

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