Second Day of US Nationals

Today was the Sprint Classic for the US Telemark National Championship.  It is amazing how much thought and preparation goes into each race.  I mean down to the meal that I have the previous night is thought out.  Wax, sleep time, food, stretching, hydrating, goggle lenses are just a few.  So many things that you have to remember to do before the start of each race.  Nice to have the Mom around to help out with a few of these things.

Sprint Classic- Skied alright the first run.  Once again I managed to make a small mistake here and there on first run.  Putting me just outside of the podium after the first run.  With that being said, the second run I knew that I had to unleash one.  Gosh, it is such a catch 22! Still a little uncertain what is the better approach.  Ski conservatively or attack??  Skied fast the second run but was unable to manage the jump perfectly.  Caught a edge that somehow put me skiing backwards after the landing.  Extremely lucky to stay on my feet and protect the knee.   Found myself on the wrong side of the gate off the course skiing backwards into the course.  Haaa.  All and all it was not my day today.  Skied to a 5th place finish which is still respectful.  I am happy to be safe and fortunate to be able to compete another day.

Tomorrow is the straight up GS.  No skate section.  booooooooo.  The skate section is my strong suit and it will be tough to keep up with these guys with no skate section.  It is the last day and we will see how this Nationals pans out for me.

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