USA Nationals Results!!

Well the US Telemark Nationals are here finally!! After the long trek from Colorado to NYC then to the great state of New Hampshire- I find myself at Gunstock Mtn.  It brings back a lot of memories skiing the East as the conditions are quite different from the skiing Colorado.  Break out the wax kit and pay close attention to the weather.  Just a few degrees changes what kind of wax is gonna be slapped on the skis.  Yesterday we were skiing on slow slush and today we skied bulletproof ice!  Two completely different snow conditions and two completely different waxes.

Today was the first day of competition at the US Nationals with the Classic first up (event).   The classic consists of GS gate skiing, Jump, Wrap, then skate section into the finish.   To get more racing in the USTSA board decided to have 2 races today.  So basically there were 2 classics today.  Great idea.  Some of us travel very far to only have 3 races over a spam of 3 days.

Race 1- Ahhh not my best but happy with the result.  I skied Fast, took chances, and skated Hard.  I actually took a tighter line coming over the pitch and paid a little price for it….HIP Check.  arrrrrgh… for those of you who don’t know what a hip check is.. it is basically where you fall on your hip slide for a quick second then pop back up on your skis.  Yea you loose time but it is not the end of the world.  Obviously you don’t win races when you hip check.  None the less I skied fast with a few penalties and a hip check.  Skied to 4th Place finish in the first race.  It is always kind of bummer when you get 4th, because your one place out of podium…but you gotta ski fast and clean.  I deserve 4th… all and all I am pleased with that.

Race 2- Time to refocus and charge for the second race.  Gotta get pumped, be fast enough and smart enough to get on that podium.   The speed will come naturally.  For me it was just about being smart and disciplined enough not to just absolutely charge all out…but rather ski smooth and clean.  DONE!!! It has been a long 7 months with straight rehabbing this knee of mine…but completely worth it!!! It was a great feeling hearing my name called up to the Podium today for a 3rd place finish of the US Nationals.


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