Race Day 1– Wold Cup Slovenia

Well day One of racing is over.  Although it is just one day…it has been a long time of preparing for this day.  Lots and lots of physical therapy…countless days in the gym and plenty of training over the past 7 months to get to actually just be able to race.   Although it has been a few hours since the race ended there has been some good reflection time and I am pleased to say it feels great just to be able to compete at this high level.   Just a few months ago I could not even run.  Today all the hard work paid off as I had the opportunity to ski against the best telemark skiers in the World.  The knee did great.

42 races started the race.  I skied to a fair 26th (maybe 25th. the results are not out yet).  There was a lot of nerves today and I did not ski my best.  But also do know that I feel confident in the fact that I skied hard and my knee did great.  As much as tried to put the knee in the back of my head today pre-race I am sure there was some uncertainty.   But like I said, day 1 is over and I am pleased.  26th.  Not bad but definitely not my best.



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