Off to Europe for the first race of the season!!

The season begins! It has been 8 months since my second ACL surgery and after a ton of rehab and countless hours in the gym….it is time to compete.

I am extremely excited to be feeling healthy and strong. It has been a lonnnnnnng road back though. Many hours in physical therapy at Axis Sports medicine in Breck. The PTs know how to get it done there. This time around we (the doc, my PT, and myslef) really focused on the glutes. As if my butt was not already big enough. Apparently there are bunch of studies out there saying that the butt is an essential muscle for the support of rehabbed knee. Hmmmm. Well after all said and done let’s just say I needed to pick up a few new pairs of pants. #sickofsquats After a couple visits to the Doc at Steadmans…the butt looks strong enough and we are good to go.

With the first World Cup races of the season are in Europe….The past few weeks has been straight skiing. Hitting gates and spending as much as time on my new race boards. It is nice to be able to get some proper training in this year before the race season starts. Unlike last year where I was cleared to ski the same week that my first US race was. Prolly a little too soon. But here we are this year and I am pumped and confident for the season. Hopefully all this hard work over the past 8 months keeps me healthy and strong through the whole season.

Slovenia and Austria! Yep, hop on a plane Weds morning with my teammate Cory Snyder and fly into Munich. Then drive to Slovenia where I have a rest/train day on the 10th and then it is time to throw down and race on 11th. Pumped. Like I said it has been a long journey back to this point. But come less then 5 days from now…
stay tuned

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