Race Day 2. Crashed!

Today was the second day of racing.  We were graced with snow falling all day which really made for tough conditions.  Yes that may seem contradicting and indeed it is.   Snow falling is not a good thing on race day.

All that being said…it was not my day.  I skied pretty well on the top of the section…came to the jump and boosted of it to clear the line then 4 gates later I found myself sliding on my hip.  Not exactly sure what happened but just all of sudden was on my side sliding.  I quickly debated in my head if I should lay there for a sec and be dramatic or get up and finish.  At this point in your head you know your day is over and there is no way you are going to have a good result once you fall.  Arrrgh I got up and finished.   Then I have the opportunity to have a go at a second run.

The Second run was aight.  Once again not my best but it was still encouraging to lay down a solid run.  I was surprised to go off the jump and midair realize I was not going to make the jump line.  Oh well.  Still had a solid fast second run.  Just have to clean it up for Tuesday which is the next race here for us.  After Tuesday’s race we will then move to Austria.

Oh, on a positive note my knee held up again even with a crash.  Good work Axis Sports Medicine!!

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