ACL Surgery # 3 (8-28-2013)

ACL reconstructive surgery was performed on my right knee for the 3 rd time this past week.  I am currently icing my knee as I sit here and type.  This is the 3rd go around with this procedure and by now I know what to expect.  Still is no fun and sure is not easy.

According to the Doctor, the surgery went well.  We decided to use my own Patella Tendon as my new acl.  This bad boy better not bust.  This is indeed the last time I am going through this.

Before I know it I will back on my feet slowly recovering.  Axis Sports Medicine is my “go to.”  I will live in the therapy clinic the next 6-9 months.  The timeline for skiing again is pretty far out.  We are really going to take our time and make sure the new ACL graph heals up and takes to my body.  I plan on skiing sometime this winter but not no date is set and not needed to be set.  I have to make this graph count and that is most important.  Skiing- it will be there when I am ready.  And I am still fired up to compete- so that will still be there as well.  In fact that is what drives me, ski racing!  I will work hard to get back to top form.  Thanks all for the support.  Be back soon.