ACL torn for the 3rd time.

On May 11th I tore my ACL for the third time.  I was just casually playing some basketball with my friends and went to change directions while running and felt my knee just completely buckle.  There was not a doubt in my mind…. I knew exactly what just happened.  Confirmed torn ACL again.

This is absolutely devastating to me.  I have been in and out of the Steadman clinic the past few weeks and the doctors are shocked.   They are baffled that this happened for the 3rd straight year.   They do not think it is a lack of my fitness.  I have been diligently doing my physical therapy and have continued to get stronger and they can see that.

Coming off such a great competitive ski season this is a huge blow for me.   This is the 3rd year in a row that I will spend my summer inside looking out while rehabbing my surgical repaired knee.   I keep getting asked the question of what my future looks like. After quite a bit of thought here is my thinking:

It is ingrained in me to have fun…it lives in me to play, to play sports!  I have a burning passion to be active.  It is what I know, just to go out and do something, anything.  For some reason the Man upstairs blessed me with the ability to compete in a sport at a high level.  I will NOT take it for granted.  I do not quit.  I will continue to play until I can’t play anymore.   I will continue to compete until I can’t compete anymore.  I will not give UP.  I will be Back.  And I will be back stronger then ever.  This is my thinking.