World Cup, Day 2

Day 2 of the Telemark World Cups in Steamboat was another good day. I finished 15th in today’s Classic in snowy windy conditions. All and all I am happy with my result. Although it was not as good as my first day, 15th is still respectable. I decided to be a little bit more on the aggressive side. Didnt work out….just was not the day considering the conditions and my knee. Speaking of that knee…crap….it is quite sore. I do have a day off tomorrow to rest the sucker but we will see.
Still this point it has been a great two days!

First day of World Cups.. 10th Place!!

Today was the first day of the World Cups and I was able to lay down a run that earned me 10th place. My best World Cup finish ever! Although the field was a little bit thin due to the fact that Japan, Sweden and Slovenia could not make the trip over here to the US, I am still thrilled to be able to ski to a top ten finish. Honestly though, besides the fact that I skied well today, my knee passed the test. I think that is actually more pleasing to me. Now I can breathe a little bit easier at the top of the course knowing that my knee is gonna be able to rock! (hopefully)
Big thanks to Howard Head in Breck for the incredible treatment I have been receiving the past 6 months. Honestly, there is no way I could of been back competing in this time frame without the treatment I have received from them. The dry needling…. awesome.
Tonight will be a good night knowing that I skied well today….tomorrow it happens all over again. Time to get after!

My season officially begins!!!!

It has been 188 days since I had reconstructive ACL surgery. Tomorrow I will be competing in the Telemark World Cups in Steamboat Colorado. This was the goal…to get back to racing within 6 months to be ready for the World Cups. There has been a ton of hours spent rehabbing and hitting the gym and tomorrow we get to put everything to the test.
This past week has been awesome being able to train gates everyday with standout coaches. Makes a big difference when you have a coach observing every run you take with feedback waiting for ya for at the top of the next run. Also too, watching my teammates rip as well is a great visual aid for me as well. With that being said, it’s been a great week of training in Steamboat. But…now its time to race. Today was an official training day for the World Cup…. it was cool for to reconnect with some of the familiar faces from other other Countries that I recognized. It was not cool, to see how good some of these cats where though. The Germans, Swiss, and Norwegians know how to ski.
Who cares right….time to ski.. I’m excited and nervous at the same time. Nervous in the fact that I have knee that needs to withstand the World Cup conditions, and excited to be competing at the highest level tomorrow.