It has been 10 days since I stepped out of the Steadmans Clinic for ACL surgery for the 2nd time. I originally had ACL surgery back in August of 2011 but unfortunately my body rejected the new graph and it failed on me. So, here we go again…2nd ACL surgery within 8 months.

The past week has been ok. There is not nearly as much swelling and pain this time around. The Doc said since he did not have to drill new holes in my femur and Tib the surgery was a lot less invasive. Resulting in less pain and swelling.

Time to move forward! It was a nice week and half being laid up, watching movies and eating crappy food. Now, its time to get back to work. I got cleared to ride the stationary bike and do some light core exercises. So, I guess I have no choice but to get after it.

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