Day 2 USA Nationals 2013

Sprint Classic!

Yesterday was a fantastic day for me.  I could not be more pleased with my results in the Classic.  Went into the day feeling good with little pressure.   I was still buzzing with excitement from my results in the Classic but now it was time to see if I could get refocused and throw down.

After the first run I was in third place with a teammate of mine only 2 hundredths behind me.  I skied sloppy and knew I could clean it up a bit.   All and all I was still happy to be in a podium spot after the first run.

2nd run I threw down a good solid run.  I picked it up a notch and had the fastest raw time of the field.  Was tagged with 1 penalty which then put me in 2nd. Pumped.  Another great day!

Finished the day with another 2nd Place.  Happy…….

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