Training day!

Today we woke early, stretched, ate breakfast and headed to the hill to train some gates on the hill we will be racing on. Apparently I had a lot to work on since my recent penalty spree I went on at the World Cup Finals in Hefjell. But after a lot of video and some good words of advice from a teammate I feel better about overcoming the penalty spree. We will see tomorrow.

After training we all tuned our skis. My skis have never been so sharp in their existence after I got done with them today. It is pretty crazy how religious the athletes are about tuning their skis. There is not a day that goes by where these guys don’t tune their skis. Kind of puts me in the position where I have to tune mine, thats a good thing. After tuning….. The Japanese!!! Yup, they challenged me to a ping pong match. Lets just say America dominated! booyaaa. It has been really cool to get to know everybody that is on the World Cup Circuit. They are extremely friendly and fun. The French borrowed my tuning stuff the first night and in return gave me French candy. Pretty good I guess.
Tonight was the opening ceremony. Very cool. They had this pop singer come and perform a show for us. Yup, I had a little crush on her, no big deal.

After the show, they had local dressed up Norwegians march in with all the Countries flags and do this march thing. Then they called all the athletes up and we had to go stand by our flag. Pretty cool. Dont worry Mom…. I got pictures.
So tomorrow is the GS. There is no skate section to the GS, but rather just gates and a jump in the middle. It will be on TV in 12 Countries, the US.. not one of them. But you can try to watch it online on the TVs website. I do not know to many details since I have never watched anything on this site before but these are the instructions and time….

It will be on The times tomorrow are 10:45 and 2:45 That is 5am for you guys out in Colorado and 7 am for the people out on the East Coast. We are 6 hours ahead of Denver and 4 hours ahead of East Coast.
Once you get to the site, look around the site for “tv schedule” then just look on the tv guide section until you see “Telemark” I think it will see WV Telemark. WV stand for World Championships, not sure how that works.
It will be on TV (that site) all 3 days. Weds, Thurs, and Saturday night.

I have no idea if they will be showing me since I am not one of the top guys. They tend to show only the top guys.


I have no idea if there is a replay button, in case you wanted to watch it at a later time.
I will have a better idea of how this all works after tomorrow once I get feedback. But if anybody is able to see it online tomorrow please let me know so I can inform people.

Well I am pretty excited about tomorrow. Should be a great day of racing. Nerves….. ahhhhh who cares…. all the tv trucks, fans rolling into town, sponsors showing up, interviewers floating around… worries right. ya right, little nervous but very excited.

Till tomorrow-bed time

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