Training Day in Austria

Today was a training day in Austria.  The conditions were fair and a little inconstant which is fine for me.  I don’t mind when the conditions are a little bit tougher.  It was really nice to get back into the swing of things and get some good training in.  After all there have been 4 days of rest with no racing and training.

Tomorrow we are back at it racing.  This will be the first time we all will be racing the Classic.  The Slovenia Wold Cup events were only Sprint Classics (which means that the skate section of the course is shorter).  We scouted out where tomorrows skate will be and…….let’s just say it’s gonna be a pretty good test of your fitness.   Typically the Classic is my better event..but we will see.  I start approx 19th compared to 28th in the Sprint.    There is only 1 run tomorrow seeing that it is the Classic.  The field might be a touch larger with the Brits in town.  Pretty excited for tomorrow.

Time to get focused.

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