Day 2


Well…. as an athlete and competitor I do know that I am going to have ups and downs. Today was a down. haha, not too worry, it was still a lot of fun but just disappointing. I felt good before the run and confident that I could hang in the middle of the pack. The night before in the bib draw (what number I wear on my chest) I drew the last number/start. That means I am the last racer down on the first run.

Well Skied hard the first run and got to the bottom and the announcer said my time and place and I was pumped!!! I was 31st!! BEFORE PENALTIES THOUGH. They calculated my penalties real quick to determine my place……somewhere in the 60s. I was hammered with tons of penalties. Super bummed cuz it was not like I skied slowed but just rather the judges who are watching each telemark turn I make did not approve of the distance in between my boots during my turn. Man!!! I was quite surprised cuz I knew the judges were going to be tight but eesh, 13 times… The normal amount of penalties is like 2 or 3.

Well second run I was determined to over correct the problem. Long story short.. didn’t happen. 12 penalties!! I was and still am baffled at what the heck I am doing wrong. The Judges are on to me. So be it then, the judges are not going to change so that means I gotta make the adjustment. So adjusting here I come cuz I gotta put up a better result tomorrow. My coaches and I looked at film today and they gave me some good stuff to work on. I can kind of see what needs to be changed but still am a little unclear of that is what I am getting knocked for. I think also I am going to change my speed suit to the ugly/hot yellow and purple one. This way the judges will not recognize me as the guy who racks up penalties right off the bat. This actually is a serious tactic.

Man… kind of frustrating day of racing, mainly cuz I can not figure out why I am getting knocked with tons of penalties. Im fast…. but slow, haha…

All and all, I still stay positive… just have to make a few adjustments. Perhaps this is a good warm up for the world championships which are next week. One more race tomorrow which is called the Classic. It is super LONG and really tests your fitness. Fitness….wheeeefff. man I have never been so tired after two runs of racing then I have today. It took every bit of life out of me. Its weird to be honest. My body seriously craved protein….i think there has been a lack here in norway when it comes to protein.

So in dying need of protein what do I do???? Shoooot I head to the candy store!! My teammates and I roll into town after our race, and when I say roll into town I mean we are “walking” with two pairs of skis are on our shoulders, in ski boots, and a pack on our back with cross country poles in hand (in uniform of course). We walk into this candy store and fill up these bags with the most random awesome candy I have ever seen!!! it was awesome!!! Awesome till we missed the bus and had to walk 1.3 kil back to our apartment. Got lost twice, tried to hitchike, got yelled at by Norweigans for walking through their lawn. In norweigan of course. Yea we were for sure the stupid americans walking in the street with all of our equipment back to our apartment, in our usa jackets. fools. But awesome candy!!!

One more thing….. we were at dinner tonight and a few of us americans were dreading staying for the awards presentation. We bounced out of there right after dinner to head home and go to bed. NOPE!!! We walked by the lodge and I heard music that just loured me in. Sure enough within in minutes we were dancing it up.. SO bedtime was postponed. hmmmm getting rest for the world cup finals, or dancing it up in some random norweigan bar in uniform with some team members. good time.

Ok time to get my rest. Very very tired. Depleted actually. But thanks for reading and the encouraging emails. Tomorrow is another day, new day. Im excited.

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