Well after 2 days off from racing…. tomorrow is race day!! It has been a fun stress free 2 days but now its time to get refocsued and see if I can get post another solid result. It has been a great 2 days off filled with plenty of time to get to know other races and just kick it with team members. Oh, and I also have been spending tons of time with the gate judges. I’m Serious!!! They are all college students, and besides the fact that they are the gate judges ,they are a great time……hmmm, I might have other motives as well.

Well, last day of racing coming up! I am very excited and anxious to get out there and race. We race tomorrow on the other side of the mtn where it is more suitable for fans to access. Today a bunch of TV trucks arrived as well as tons of huge tents were set up. Since this is the weekend, the organization is expecting a lot of spectators to arrive tomorrow. It will be filmed on TV, and be able to be stream it online at www.fromsportcom.com. (thats not a misprint with the com’s) The times are 11:30 to 12:30 and 3:00-4:15ish. Your time would be 4:30am MST and 8 am MST. You eastern time people, do the math youself. The TV station was kind enough to give each team a DVD of the full coverage of the race. Ummmm….it was awesome to watch.

Race day tomorrow, means early night in bed. Kind of bummer, cuz there is fun stuff going on in all the tents set up outside of our condo right now. The local Norwegians are out and about having a good time. Me, in bed, trying to be responsible before race day.

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