3/14 Monday- Travel day

Today was a travel day. We woke early this morning and left Hafjell to travel to Rujkan. Across the country of Norway we went by 4 buses and 1 train. It was good to get out a bit and see some of Norway. Overall a boring day, but a good boring day. Much needed for the body.
Some excitement……The last bus ride I decided to head to the back of the bus to be alone and catch some sleep. I was fast asleep for a few hours until I was suddenly wakened/startled by 25 blond Norwegian highschoolers. Apparently not only does the bus pick up tourists/travelers like us yanks but local high schoolers as well. Well let me tell you, I have never had more blue eyes starring at me all at once. I was apparently visibly startled cuz they all were laughing at me. Haaa.. Not sure exactly what I did to make them laugh. My teammates thought it was funny too as they all laughed in the front of the bus as well. It ended well, because they all wished me good luck as they knew were I was going.
The coolest thing from the day was seeing the advertisement promoting the World Championships on the back of the buses. Apparently the city has been promoting this event for a whole year. Local schools get out to watch it!!! Pretty excited….
Tomorrow is a training day. Just got done with video with the coaches, gotta limit the penalties to do well this week. I also flirted with the ladies that are the judges for the race weds, hopefully that helps. haha
Till Tomorrow

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